Smolensk State University of Sports (FSBEE HE "SSUS") is a state institution of higher education, founded by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

The University has a developed infrastructure, the educational institution includes the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports (2 departments), the Faculty of Physical Culture and Recreational Technologies, the Faculty of Individual Educational Technologies and the Faculty of Additional Education. The educational process is provided by 22 departments, educational management, career center, and other departments. The university has about 2 thousand students, postgraduates and trainees, employs more than 170 teachers, including professors, PhDs and doctoral candidates.

The University has a well-developed sports base to ensure a high-quality training process and hosting of international sports competitions: an athletics arena, an ice palace, a swimming pool, a stadium and a number of other facilities.

During the period of its activity, the university has trained more than 15 thousand specialists in the field of physical culture and sports, sports medicine and sports management.

Information on concluded and planned agreements with foreign and (or) international organizations on education and science

International activities in the FBSEE HE "SSUS" have been implemented for many years. Partnerships have been established with universities from the CIS and distant foreign countries. On the basis of Rector's Order No. 289 dated 05.10.2015, the Department of International Relations was established. The main purpose of creating the new department was to expand international relations in the field of scientific and educational contracts and agreements.

The area of activity of the structural unit:

Creation and provision of strong international relations of the FBSEE HE "SSUS" and the implementation of activities aimed at strengthening research, educational, cultural potential, based on the strategic directions of the unified policy of the university.

Tasks of the structural unit:

1. Development of proposals on the development of international relations in the field of education, science and culture on the basis of documents of the Russian state legislative and executive bodies to the administration of the FBSEE HE "SSUS".

2. Development of proposals and coordination of the work of structural units on the conclusion of international treaties (agreements), coordination of work on the implementation of international cooperation programs, treaties (agreements) in the field of education, science and culture.

3. Ensuring interaction with Russian government agencies and non-governmental organizations engaged in international cooperation, interaction with executive and legislative authorities on issues of international cooperation in the field of education, science and culture.

4. Conducting negotiations with interested departments on cooperation with foreign partners.

5. Organization of international events, including conferences and round tables.

6. Submission of descriptive and statistical reports to management in accordance with the established procedure.

7. Communication with the media on international activities in the field of education, sports, science and culture.



Byshevskaya Anastasia Vladimirovna

Head of the International Relations Department

Address: 23 Gagarin Avenue, office 213

tel.: +74812339993

e-mail: intrel@sgus.ru